The client ask for this billboard?  Demonstrate that Goodyear tires provide safety in all weather conditions. Oh, and prominently feature the Goodyear Blimp! Done and done.
  The Ask:  Create something buzz-worthy for Audi, that would garner HUGE media attention for the brand. However, there's not really much of a budget. Oh, and we need ideas to present tomorrow.   The Solution:  Given that Toronto was up in arms during the winter of 2014 over the Mayor Rob Ford scandal, we proposed that Audi step in as a possible saviour. Make an offer to the Fords that would rid the city of their shenanigans for good, and Audi become an instant hero. The plan was to park two Audi R8s in front of city hall along with a sign, and simply alert the media. Had this initiative received the green light and the Fords accepted Audi's offer, great, Toronto would be Ford-free! And even if they didn't, we're certain that this PR stunt would have still made international headlines, and be featured on Jimmy Kimmel, who loved to talk about Rob Ford any chance he had.
 Branded outdoor street signs were placed on top of various subway and sewer grates throughout the city, to caution consumers of the possible side-effects of the Dr. Bernstein diet.
 Results: Listenership increased by 37% within the first year of campaign launch.
 Mini speed bumps were placed in-store on both sides of the new Olympus E-3, to highlight the fact that it has the world’s fastest autofocus.
 We posted NOW Magazine branded boards, left blank, in subway systems, for people to write whatever they wanted. Originally we wanted to hang markers for people to use, but the TTC wouldn't allow it, saying people could try to hang themselves with the chord. Hmmm... subway platform... wanting to end it... there might be an easier way...
 Featured in XTRA Magazine, a gay Toronto publication.
 Featured in XTRA Magazine, a gay Toronto publication.
 Billboard campaign for Jack Astors, playing off their casual dining experience, and brown paper table coverings/crayons left on each table.
 Not letting go of this one, my first awarded ad, a Bronze Marketing Award, done while working in Ottawa at Souris & Petitti.
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